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What Exactly is a Salt System?

SALT RIGHT?? Well no that’s not exactly it.

Salt systems for pools are called chlorine generation systems, or salt chlorinators. Instead of pouring liquid chlorine into water, salt is used.

The salt undergoes an electrical process which changes it into a chlorine solution, keeping your pool sanitized and sparkling.

The water is described by customers as silky-soft with much less eye burning and irritation of the skin.

The result is less need for acidic chlorine-and that’s a good thing for sensitive skin.

Salt chlorinators can be used in plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass swimming pools.

Don't worry. Although called salt systems, the water itself does not feel salty. While fresh water is a little less than 6000 ppm salt; most salt systems requires 3000 ppm.

For more information see this article in Aqua Magazine for Spa & Pool Professionals.

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